How different is Nest third generation thermostat model distinct from the previous one?

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June 19, 2016
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How different is Nest third generation thermostat model distinct from the previous one?


With the immediate upgrade of all the technological devices, Nest, fortunately, came up with the launch of the third generation Nest Learning Thermostat. However, for all those people who are not entirely aware of this model, take a look at this article and get to know its distinguishing features and designs that made this a smart device. The nest is busy with its launch of various electronics like a camera for home security, Android phones, and many other appliances. But, this thermostat has caught the eyes of everyday people. Let’s see how!

What is the new addition to the thermostat?

If you look closely, you will find some differences from the previous design, the primary reason why it is being called an upgrade. Here are the following additions:

  • The model uses a larger screen than the previous one.
  • This has a slimmer profile.
  • Contains built-in sensors that help the cooling and heating system to check your whereabouts.
  • Has algorithmic smarts that contribute to supporting the auto adjustment settings that caters to the movements inside your house.
  • Freedom for manual settings that has a cellular connection or Wi-Fi settings.

The design

The new and improved thermostat of Nest has quite a lot of improvised plans. For instance, the display is much bigger than earlier. Here are the specifics of the screen.

The new model has 40% larger screen size than the previous one. The visibility has improved with 229 pixels. Making, it 25% greater than the earlier model. This is also the primary and the most fundamental reason behind the sharp image that is visible on the screen.

As an added benefit, Nest has made the profile even slimmer than before to prevent it from sticking out from the wall. The measurements are as follows:

  • The diameter is about 8.4 cm i.e. (3.3 inches)
  • Slimmer with a depth of 3.1cm or 1.21 inches.

Newly added features to the model of the thermostat.

The previous one used to rely on the near field sensor to pick up the motion of their activity. The new one has a distinguishing feature called the Far Sight technology that depends on the far-field sensors.

You can interact with this model very easily by just walking directly towards it. You can even take a look at the temperature by sitting 20 feet away from the device.

Installation procedure of the device

Until now, the installation of thermostats used to vary significantly depending on the cooling and heating system. However, after the launch of third generation thermostat is by far the easiest one. It comes with a functional screwdriver that will help you fix the device on the wall with steel edges.

Once you have successfully installed your device, it is time to configure it. Turn on your Wi-Fi settings and go through the entire process step by step without leaving out any step. It can be easily said that this is by far the smartest device, and you can quickly solve any problem with the thermostat troubleshooting.

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