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Since its inception Smart Comfort Heating & Cooling has become Thunder Bay's premier HVAC company. Over the years, the company has built a strong reputation for excellence serving residential customers. We provide the highest quality equipment that is built to last as well as competitive pricing which means our customers enjoy exceptional value for their investment. We make professionalism a MUST. Our team is committed to meeting your expectations and educating you on all the latest industry trends.


    With the large array of building codes and practices from the TSSA, CSA, and the Ontario Ministry of Labour, it is imperative that homeowners find HVAC companies that are competent and familiar with these rules and regulations. Our Smart Comfort team is fully licensed, insured, and registered with the TSSA and never compromise safety. The growth and prosperity of our community here in Thunder Bay And Northern Ontario is what inspires us to deliver quality work and always put the needs of the homeowner first.


    When clients meet with the Smart Comfort team, they are impressed with their knowledge of the products and how they can benefit from them. We pay attention to details and listened to our customer's concerns. Customers are extremely satisfied with our products as well as all of the service they received and strongly recommend us to anyone wishing to purchase new units.

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